COST – European cooperation on science and technology

COST program offers an open competition. The one stage method of application – proposals can be submitted at any time using a special secure online tool (ECOST). No deadlines, application does not stop, it work about twice a year.

Possible participators:

Scientists and researchers from the 36 COST Member Countries and the Cooperating State can participate in science and technology networks known as COST Actions by:

  • Submitting a proposal for a new COST Action
  • Joining an existing COST Action
  • Becoming a COST External Expert

Participation is open to researchers:

  • in universities, research centres, large and small, public and private organisations from all 36 COST Member Countries and its Cooperating State
  • from any science and technology field
  • at any career stage
  • having any original, innovative idea

Particular emphasis is placed on the COST “inclusiveness” countries ensuring the aim of widening participation.

Researchers from Near Neighbour Countries and International Partner Countries can also participate in a COST Action on the basis of ascertained mutual benefit.

COST Action Funding

The average COST Action budget depends on the number of COST Countries participating in the Action.The funding is provided via an yearly grant agreement. COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 .

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MOY – Mediterranean Office for Youth

To participate in the competition for MOY grants must meet the following conditions:

  • Students must be citizens of a member country MOY
  • Students are required to spend at least one academic semester at the university partner country MOY, in addition to the native of the applicant institution.

MOY grant may not be combined with other grants mobility.

The grant amount includes accommodation costs and travel expenses. Basic funding of residence 1.000 € (multiplied by a factor that takes into account the cost of living in the host country). Transportation costs include a lump sum of 300 euros for one semester mobility and 600 euros for two semesters.

More information about MOY on: