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Head of International Relations Centre:

Рис 2 - Федосов С.Н.Fedosov Sergei Nikiforovich

– Ph. D. in phys. and math. sciences, professor of Department of Physics and Materials ONAFT. (http://www.geometry-center.com/colleague)

Received more than 20 (end of 3 abstr.); Has fluent English.

Phone: +38 048 718-97-08

email: snfedosov@ukr.net

Within 5 years (1974-1979) had been working as UNESCO expert. By the invitation had worked for two years (1996-1997) at the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) and two years (2000-2001) at Darmstadt Technical University (Germany). Has the honorary degree as Soros Professor (1998).

Since 2004 works as the Head of International Relations Center and influences greatly on ONAFT international relations development. ONAFT became a member of 10 international associations, signed a cooperation agreement with more than 50 foreign universities. Fedosov Sergey Nikiforovich took an active part developing three EU projects that helps ONAFT in getting grants. Fedosov S.N. is the head of В«Technology production elaboration and research of new functional materials and coatings” scientific school. In the results to researches Fedosov S.N. has more than 450 scientific papers, and about 250 of them are English written and published in prestigious international journals with high impact factor. He is an author and co-author of 12 books, 3 of them are published in English. Prof. S.N. Fedosov works are known both in Ukraine and abroad. He received more than 20 grants from international foundations and conducted researches at the universities of Great Britain, Greece, Belgium, Portugal, China, Brazil and Germany. He has fluent English, French and Portuguese.

For the progress made, Fedosov is marked by Ministry of the USSR and the Ukrainian SSR higher education diplomas and signs “For scientific achievements” and “Ukraine Excellence Education”, Ukraine Prime Minister Gratitude, received the honorary degree as “ONAFT Honored Professor” and the award “For contribution on Academy ONAFT development.”

The Department of International Relations and Academic mobility





Viktoriia Kozhevnikova



Ph.D., teaching assistant at the department of hotel and catering business

Department of international grants

tel. +38 096 392 85 62

e-mail: kozhevnikova-viktoriya@ukr.net

Works at the international collaboration centre since 2017. Deals with the tasks of organizing and conducting international competitions and contests.