German scholarship programs

German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst: DAAD)

DAAD is the largest German union functioning on the Rights of public organization for international academic exchanges support. It is engaged in the exchange of researchers and students. DAAD is headquartered in Bonn, and also DAAD has nearly 15 regional offices. The main DAAD’s activity objectives are to support the youth in Germany and abroad in the fields of science and culture, economics and politics.

DAAD provides scholarships to almost all categories somehow related to science and university activities, students from 2nd year, professors and doctors of sciences. The most common scholarship from the DAAD is a summer course for going to Germany to familiarize themselves with German culture and German language. The amount of the scholarship is EUR 850 – for the cost of housing, food, transport and language course costs.

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Hanns Seidl Foundation

Hanns Seidel Foundation initiates stable development based on democracy, peace and social market economy. At the same time, Hanns Seidel Foundation the-outside Germany primary idea is the principle of “help for self-help” ( assistance to States for their self-development).

Hanns Seidel Foundation International cooperation is based on the work of more than 90 projects in more than 60 developing countries.

Seidel Foundation operates in Ukraine in three main areas:

  • Internal security – strengthening the capacity of law enforcement agencies in the fight against international crime and improving the training of law enforcement personnel.
  • Governance – promoting functional efficiency of public bodies and local authorities and improving the training of civil servants and local government officials.
  • Development of civil society – promoting democratic processes in society and a new generation of politically active youth formation.

Annually Seidel Foundation represented in Ukraine provides up to one hundred different events with various partners. For more detail information about Siedel Foundation please visit:

Representation of the Hanns Seidel Foundation in Ukraine:

Str. Zolotovorotskaya 2, office 7

01030 Kiev, Ukraine

Phone:. (044) 270-62-72, -73, -74

Fax: (044) 279-84-92


4. Scholarships Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Participation in Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Competition is available for scientists of all disciplines. Fund’s policy is not to finance projects but talented people, who offer interesting and challenging ideas and implement it.

Main scholarship program is provided for specialists with PhD scientific degree.

The second program is the Foundation Awards, which are ensured to outstanding scientists.

The third program is the scholarships for young scientists to carry out research abroad.

In order to get a scholarship, in addition to the completed form and original, innovative research project, the publications in international journals are needed. It testify applicant’s scientific competence. Participation in conferences is also taken into account. An important condition is the consent of German scholar on taking a foreign colleague for an internship at the institute. Attention draws to the personality of scientist in Germany petitioned for a foreign specialist, and who agrees, to take him to work at the lab in case of scholarships.

Humboldt foundation maintains relations with more than ten thousand professors in Germany, who invited scientists from abroad. This range is constantly expanding.

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