Science of ONAFT

The scientific activity of ONAFT is a recognized leader in the implementation of ready-made innovations.

High scientific potential of the Academy is supported by the work of 15 scientific schools:

  1. Theory and practice of physical and chemical and biotechnological modification of natural compounds and their complexes, raw materials and food products.
  2. Theory and practice of new food products technologies creation.
  3. Scientific bases and energy-saving technology of mixed fodder production.
  4. Modeling and optimal control of technological processes of storage and processing of agricultural raw materials.
  5. Development of new resource-saving technologies of bakery and confectionery products production.
  6. Theory and technology of primary processing of food raw materials, drying of plant raw materials and food products.
  7. Theory and machines of combined macro-, micro- and nanoscale transport processes in technological systems.
  8. Development of technologies of production and research of physical and chemical, technical and operating characteristics of new functional materials and coatings.
  9. Ensuring the operation and development of the economic security system of the state and business entities.
  10. Low temperature microcoolers.
  11. Cryogenic technology of liquefied gases production.
  12. Heat exchangers of cooling systems and condensing compartments of refrigerating units.
  13. Heat mass transfer equipment for power, refrigeration and cryogenic systems.
  14. Modeling and prediction of thermophysical properties of substances and materials. The study of thermophysical properties of materials and nano-fluids.
  15. Intelligent and information and analytical technology, integrated database systems in the field of information communications.


There is also a Coordination Centre of scientific publications which supports 9 scientific journals of ONAFT, indexed in more than 22 international databases.